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Weekend Binary Options – Trading During the Weekends

In the current status of the finance industry, weekends are no longer seen as short pauses and reprieves before the hustle and bustle of weekday trading. Gone are the times when it is respected and held as something sacred. The advent of globalization, the rise and innovation of new technology, and the need to adapt to the changing dynamic world of the current era, has motivated and pushed several markets to change their trading strategy and models and attempt out the lucrative practice during the weekends. One of the trading types that is being exchanged during Saturdays and Sundays is binary options.

Why do Individuals Pursue Weekend Binary Trading?

One significant benefit of trading on weekends is that most traders have the option to purchase and sell several orders during the short and quick time frame in a specific period when most of the markets have paused their operations. This short amount of time provides investors the unique opportunity to make a substantial profit given there are quite a number of options that have 30 to 60 minute expiration stamps end during Saturdays and Sundays.

The vital and energetic investor (should he have the right information, the correct data sets and the proper foresight to make the right calls and choose the right decisions) can make a hefty and big profit during a period when the weekday investors are sleeping or resting. And then, once Monday hits, he could make a higher income. This is the reason why after-hours trading is increasingly becoming popular among professionals.

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On top of the financial benefits of trading on the weekend, besides the added revenue, there is increased portfolio which becomes more robust and appealing to other investors.

What are the Rules of Weekend Binary Trading?

The standard rules of binary trading apply during the weekends. However, it is vital to remember and understand that not all markets are open. As mentioned, most of the markets around the globe shut down their businesses. There are only a handful that have different trading hours and are actually open on the weekends. Almost all of the weekend binary options are based in the Middle East and these are the following:

  • Dubai Financial Market: Established and active in Dubai, this is one of the primary trading floors of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Tel Aviv 25 Index: This is the largest and most important stock exchange in the country of Israel. The top 25 companies of the country all have holdings in this powerful financial center.
  • Tadawul Index: Supervised by the capital market authority, this is the largest exchange center in the country of Saudi Arabia.
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange: This is the largest stock market of the state of Kuwait. It mostly deals with real estate companies, investment companies, insurance firms and financial institutions such as banks.

There are also others that can be tried by professionals who do binary options trading in Canada and in other countries. This includes the Bombay Stock Exchange and NIFTY of India, CAC40 of France, ASX of Australia, the Dax of Germany, the Hang Seng of Hong Kong, the ISE30 of Istanbul, the FTSE100 of the United Kingdom, the Dow Jones and NASDAQ of the United States of America, the MICEX10 of Russia and the Nikkei 225 of Japan, among others.

For binary option traders who are seeking to generate more revenue, expand their profiles and acquire more knowledge and insight about the fast-paced and lucrative work of trading and the financial industry, engaging in business during the weekends is an action that should definitely be explored and tried.


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