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Ivory Option Canada Review – Login, Payment Methods & Withdrawals Explained

make money online trading binary options with Ivory Option

Ivory Option is the only binary option broker that is selective in whom they allow to register and become day traders, as it is an exclusive brand. Those investors who are permitted to trade on their platform get the very best treatment and service as the brokers and support staff is knowledgeable and available to assist traders meet their portfolio expectations.

The brokerage has only been around for a few years, however in that short amount of time, they’ve made a name for themselves as the luxury brand of the binary options industry. The company in known for being a part of Spot Option’s platform, which is the fastest and most accurate trading software on the market, and having a reliable trading platform is so crucial as binary options trading can come down to the second.

Ivory Option provides pay-outs as high as 85% on standard trades, which is technically the highest percentage that any broker is allowed to distribute by law.

Ivory Option’s Trading Platform

The homepage and trading page are easy to navigate as binary option traders can log in and start making trades initially from their portfolio, which saves time when markets are moving and a trader wants to place multiple trades at the same time.

There are more than 100 assets to trade on their platform. Other brokers tend to have twice as many, but the all of the major currency pairs are available as well as a slew of the top traded stocks and commodities. The most popular assets tend to be currency pairs based on the USD, as well as gold and oil.

Every trade on site is considered a binary trade, but there are a few different modes and features. There are no features that other binary option brokers don’t have, the standard binary option Call/Put trade, 60 second trading, long term trades, as well as weekend trades with the One Touch feature. What makes trading with Ivory Option wonderful as an executive trader is that the pay-out rates are so high.

ivory option binary options trading platform
Ivory Option’s Trading Platform

As a trader you select one of the versatile assets, and predict the future value of the asset. You do not have to choose the exact value that the asset will be in the future, you only have to predict the direction that the asset will move in.

Ivory Option does cater to the newbie trader, but the system is designed for the more advanced one who has some market experience. With the mobile app, the brokers encourage the traders to make trades on their own since it’s so easy for traders to be able to log in and make trades on the go.

Ivory Option’s Trading Tools

Every day there is a specific news report written for the members of Ivory Option, which gives a market summary of the events taking place and the impact that they will have to binary option traders.

Reading the news and understanding the concepts of what is relatable to binary option traders can put you in the right direction when it comes to making the daily assessments of what the markets will do.

There are also many tools which are helpful for traders who may want to use some for calculating the risk and reward of each trade, as well as an economic calendar which you can program to alert when particular events are going to happen such as the FOMC or unemployment reports.

Ivory Option’s Accounts and Banking

As a new register, you’ll have to provide detailed information about you and your credit card in order to prevent fraud. Internet trading has been susceptible to this kind of behaviour, and Ivory Option goes to its fullest extent to make sure that it is you, depositing and with drawling money from your account. You’ll have to complete the full registration package before you are permitted to trade on their platform. This is part of the policy of being an exclusive brokerage, compared to other brokers who allow anyone to trade with minimal deposits.